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Pet Drinking Bowl

Pet Drinking Bowl

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Zendrop Fulfillment
Pet Drinking Bowl
1. Silent work, quality life, silent water pump, Adjustable three levels, sharing quiet quality.
2. Fountain-style effluent, automatic circulation of living water.
3. Even if the power is turned off, the pet can drink water and it is easy to clean.
4. Energy saving, live water circulation, easy to use.
5. Remove odor, residual chlorine, filter hair, impurities, metal ions, and soften water.

1. Material: ABS, food-grade PP plastic
2. Suitable for: cat and dog
3. Output voltage:DC 5V 150mA
4. Rated power:1.5W
5.  Large Volume:2.5L
6. Color: Pink, Green, White

Package Included:
1. 1 x Pet Drinking Fountain
2. 1 xCharcoal Carbon Filter
3. 1 x water pump
4. 1 x User manual
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