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Electric Pet Flea Lice Cleaner

Electric Pet Flea Lice Cleaner

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This Brush can get all nasty mats out of your pets fur, removes loose hair and dead fur, eliminates tangles, increases blood circulation, reduces of fur loss, helps to prevent future fur loss. The bristles are effectively designed to penetrate deep into the coat, and will not damage or scratch your pet's skin

SUITABLE FOR MANY PETS: This All-in-One Self cleaning slicker brush is suitable for many pets(dogs,cats,fragrance pigs, rabbit ,orangutans,etc), especially with Long, Medium, Short, Thick, Wiry, or Curly Hair
TEETH,ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The stainless steel teeth are designed to penetrate the fur and comb/smooth the fur. The ergonomic handle makes everyday use comfortable by ensuring a good grip.
TIPS: Please keep the brush away from children and animals when not in use. You should not brush too hard as it may hurt your pet. Before combing your pet make sure there are no cuts or sores on the body as this may also hurt when you comb over them
Color: White.
Size: 240X170X30mm.
Material: Plastic.
Battery: 2 X AA batteries (Without battery)

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