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Slow-feeding Leakage Feeding Training, Wisdom Quotient Pets Dog Toy

Slow-feeding Leakage Feeding Training, Wisdom Quotient Pets Dog Toy

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Puzzle dog toy-This is an educational dog toy, dogs can effectively improve their intelligence by using this toy.
Mobile Leaky Food Turntable- The top of the toy is designed with a leaking food turntable. There are several rotatable leaking food boxes on the track of the turntable. The holes on the top of the leaking food box can put dog food or snacks, and the dog rotates the granary box with its paws, When the leaky food box passes through the leaky food hole on the track, the dog food or snacks will slide into the slow food tray in the middle of the toy, so that the dog can get the food as a reward, so as to continue to attract the dog's interest in playing, and also can improve your dog's intelligence.
Convenient to add dog food-Put the dog food directly into the leaky food box through the hole on the top leaky food box, which is simple and convenient to operate.
Slow food bowl design- There is a slow food column in the middle of the toy, and you can directly put dog food or snacks into it to use as a slow food dog bowl. Protect your dog's gastrointestinal health by extending the time your dog eats.
Non-slip pad design- There are 4 anti-slip pads at the bottom of the toy, which can firmly adsorb the toy on the smooth ground, which can prevent the dog from overturning the toy when playing or eating, and there will be no residue on the ground after the toy is removed.
Sturdy and durable, easy to use- This product is made of healthy and environmentally friendly PP material, which is sturdy and durable, and can be used by dogs for a long time. It is easy to load, clean, and use, and can be used directly without any additional installation process. When the dog uses it for the first time, the owner can use the hand to drive the dog's paw to operate and repeat the action of sliding the leaking food box several times. The dropped dog food can attract the dog's attention, and can quickly learn to use the toy.

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