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Multifunctional Latop Bag

Multifunctional Latop Bag

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Laptop Bag For Everyone!
A laptop sleeve that doubles as an ergonomically comfortable stand for people who travel a lot or work remotely, and don’t want to compromise on the compactness and portability aspect.
Travel on the go or working remotely from any location has evolved into the mainstream realms lately. So have the co-working spaces which all culminate to the desire for a multifunctional accessory for laptops that has a no-nonsense function in the most subtle way. Hence comes into the picture the Laptop Stand and Sleeve with the unique functionality of deploying the laptop sleeve into an ergonomic stand in the blink of an eye.
High Quality Leather Material
Using high quality PU leather made ,touch good and good heat dissipation performance and it's more durable than other common bag ,so it can protect well your notebook, don't worry to bring scratch and other damage for your notebook.
One Bag, Many Functions
Multi-function design ,it's not only common laptop sleeve but also laptop holder ,you can use holder function adjustment angle of notebook which is working to bring more comfortable working experience when you feel tired .it's very important for protection your neck. This laptop bag has other function to meet your various need, such as the laptop bag can be used as table mat when it is opening and it also has a cover as mouse pad to use.

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